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We have being working closely to filter media manufacturers as wedge wire products, helping them to understand better the perfomance of such construction, allowing them to get pressure drop curves for a wide range of fluid and wedge wire profiles configuration and slot opening, imprescindible for pressure drop stimations for filters manufacturers and design engineers.

The filters' energy consumption is greater in a pipe system because their resistance to fluid flow increases over time by definition. Specifying filters with the lowest possible pressure drop nearly always pays for itself. Generally, the pressure drop is a direct function of the filtration efficiency; in other words, high-efficiency filtration results in a high pressure drop, and is here where a wedge wire filter system helps to save energy in the proceses.

Some of the advantages of a wedge wire construction are: A) Non clogging elements: the continuous slot formed by the surface wires ensures a minimun contact between particles and the slot, B) High-precision slot sizes: precise slot opening sizes can meet customer's requirements, C) Filtration area: the V shaped surface wires allow easy cleaning and due to the type of construction filter life are longer than perforated sheet metal, D) Low pressure drop due to the open area distrubution compared with perforated sheets, E) Strong construction: they are self-supporting structures, because of the welding at each intersection and due to their "beam" design nature.

Computer Fluid Dynamics have been a useful tool to understand how the filter media such the wedge wire, perforated sheet metal or woven wire mesh under filtration applications affect the efficiency of this kind of systems (strainers, filter products) for Oil/ Gas and power generation. This is the reason why Input and Analysis Ltd. have the experience and the right tools for the simulations needed for this type of industry products.

At Input and Analysis Ltd we offers the ability to conduct comprehensive, automated, multi-point optimisation of designs. Ours design approach allows us to automatically optimise a design to a given set of performance parameters. Depending on the needs we can minimise pressure drops (such in filtration industry), or maximise mass flow or heat transfer rates to given design targets (such in valves and heavy industry).

wed 1
Fluid Dynamics and stress analysis for filters media
valve 2
Pressure drop calculation of filter media

Our VASF "Virtual Advance Stress and Flow bench test ring" is a fast way to re-design and simulate flow condition, eliminating the "real lab test" that can take time and money for small manufacturer firms. Our idea is to provide you with a group of experts in this area to help you to develop your product. The cost involved with software and hardware acquisition plus an expert to use all these tools in a small to median production company is not beneficial for the time those tools will be used, that is why we provide our VASF concept to those where a research and development department can cost a lot for the company.

Input and Analysis Ltd offers a range of services for filtration and filter media manufacturer that includes:

  • Structural Engineering and Design.
  • Structural Mechanics and Stress Analysis.
  • Fatigue Analysis.
  • Structural Integrity Assurance.
  • Fluid Flow Analysis.
  • Virtual Fluid Dynamics Ring Test.
  • Product Design.
  • Engineering goal-based flow analysis.
  • Engineering goal-based stress analysis.

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