"From a gas and oil drill bit, a crane structure, the evaluation of a component for offshore platforms, a pressure vessel in a petrochemical plant or a special filter used in power generation or defence system, Input and Analysis offer you methods of analysis and simulation which can be used to design and assess structural and fluid dynamics performance with confidence."

We are equipped with the experience, tools and knowledge to handle a variety of projects; at Input and Analysis Ltd we offer a range of services and solutions for public and private sector clients in the following business sectors:

At Input and Analysis Ltd our engineers comes from different industry fields such Oil / Gas, pressure vessel design and filtration, amongst others. We offer technological services and our aim is to satisfy the increasing demand of product development nowadays.

Input and Analysis Ltd has evolved from a component design firm to offer a complete range of product development support, including design, analysis, prototype build, testing and manufacturing support. The component design service remains critically important, and with experience in castings, forgings and material behaviour; Input and Analysis has the ability to develop robust, lightweight components at an attractive price.

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