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"For us product development means satisfying our customers with designs that are reliable, cost efficient and delivered on time."

At Input and Analysis Ltd we offer design services using state of the art in CAD and CFD / FEA simulation software, we can manage a wide range of 3D models formats, making an easy communication between our engineers and the clients.

Input and Analysis Engineers offers a range of engineering services including structural design, analysis of components, fatigue/ failure analysis, vibration analysis and fluid dynamics studies. We perform finite element analysis (FEA) to accurately model products and processes to determine structural integrity and reliability, as well as predict structural failures. Our VASF or "Virtual Advance Stress and Flow bench test ring" can fulfill the needs for those companies that have not already purchased a simulation package or its engineers are overloaded with other projects, we can use their CAD data to perform a complete fluid dynamic study or structural study, being this way the most cost efficient way for projects were fluid flow or heat transfer are relevant for a final concept or design.

We have been providing solutions to different companies helping them to improve performance and safety. Input and Analysis Ltd provide a complete turn-key service: from the initial concept generation to the final production stage a full life-cycle of support and development is provided.

Input and Analysis Ltd offers a range of services that includes:

Structural Engineering and Design.

Structural Mechanics and Stress Analysis.

Structural Integrity Assurance

Fatigue Analysis

Design Optimisation

Product Design

Cost/Weight Optimization

Flow induced vibration studies
Fluid Flow Analysis

Heat Transfer and Thermal Analysis

Design Recommendations

Virtual Fluid Dynamics Ring Test.

Fluid structure interaction.

What If’ Studies

3D printing - Rapid Prototyping Service

3D Laser Scanning Services
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