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Input and Analysis Ltd is a specialised mechanical engineering consultants, we provide consulting services in engineering, systems and product design with  Finite Elements Analysis (FEA/CFD) and Advanced 3D Simulation tools; from feasibility studies up to detailed engineering phase we can guarantee high quality performance at a competitive cost.

Ours conceptual design services include: feasibility studies, project-development planning, technology evaluation and recommendations, life-cycle optimization over the products lifecycle, front-end engineering process and virtual simulation tools.

Input and Analysis Ltd: Your Stress, Thermal and Fluid Dynamics Analysis Solutions

Based in England with presence in Venezuela -South America- We have been providing solutions to different companies helping them to improve performance, cost and safety.

If you would like to contact us, please feel free to write to us directly at ours contact link


Design Services

Design services using the state of the art in CAD/CAE and simulation analysis software

- Design and optimization

- FEA / CFD studies

- Code assessment to ASME and BS

- Product Design

- Natural frequency determination

- 3D Laser scanning services

- 3D printing and rapid prototyping



Virtual Lab Services

Engineering consultancy services in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

-Stress and strength analysis

-Linear and non- linear analysis

-Composites structures analysis

-Durability and Fatigue analysis

-Fluid flow analysis

-Resistance coefficients calculation

-Heat transfer and thermal analysis

-Fracture mechanics

-Impact studies

-Kinematics and dynamics studies

-Multiphysics analysis   (Fluid-Structural Interaction)



Engineering consultancy services, our range of markets includes

-Oil and gas industry


-Pressure vessel design

-Industrial heat exchangers

-Health care





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